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 Post subject: Funny look at the Dutch...
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 13:55 
Huh huh, that's cool! ;D
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The thing that inspires most people might scare off the Dutch
It all started, more than 40 years ago with one thought, one simple phrase.... Let´s go to the moon! That was it..... And then it all started.....

Was it imaginable? Well.... picturing a rocket with some people on the moon in your mind´s eye is not that hard if you use your fantasy.... And yes... for many people it was difficult, because at that time in 'reality' it wasn't possible..... yet. But the simple sentence let´s go to the moon did inspire and excite some people and then.... surprise, surprise it became reality...... And now we can all dream about a future holiday on the moon one day.... :)

This is the absolute beauty of huge and inspiring goals..... It does not matter if you think it is possible now..... But as long as you have an open mind, the whole space and universe can be accessible....

Now luckily this dream originated in English and not in Dutch. Because the Dutch sentence "Let's go to the moon", which is Laten we naar de maan gaan, would definitely not inspire the Dutch! I must admit that I would be very much affraid if prime minister Balkenende or queen Beatrix said: laten we naar de maan gaan. I would pack my things and run as fast as I could to Germany or Belgium......

In Dutch going to the moon also has something very negative. It means that something will be lost for ever, that it will be destroyed or totally ruined and even doomed. You can say: F#"! Mijn computer is naar de maan! which means that your computer is useless now.... You can also say it about your bike. Mijn fiets is naar de maan! It is funny that in this sense the Dutch are less optimistic than the Americans. The Americans still have the option of taking a rocket and go for that bike or computer, even if they have travel in space for a while..... And although Dutch people love to travel, they think it is not worth it.

And by the way, if you see in Dutch Vlieg naar de zon (fly to the sun) they will only bring you to Turkey or Spain. And then you still will have to do most of the work :)



is it Beer 'o Clock yet?

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